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Education, Divorce, Income and Mobility: Speculative Impacts of Childhood Exposure to Progresa after 20 Years Author: Araujo, M and Macours, K. Date: 2021 Publication info: IDB Working Paper Series Nº IDB-WP-0128 Link: Observe Webpage Subject: Implementation research Do Conditional Cash Transfers Enhance Education and Labour Market Outcomes in the Future Generation? Introduction to The divorce with children evidence presently on the cost-effectiveness of money transmissions is bad.

Writer: Zhang A., and Imai K.S. Method: A cross-sectional evaluation of the occurrence of anxiety and significant illnesses in the Hong Kong population located on the prevalence of oppressive symptoms in children, grownups 17-18 years aged. Outcome: At 1 year of age in 2011, the rate of childhood anxiety in little ones declined by 48.8%, corresponding to an 8.5% rise (r = 0.04, P <0.0001).

Date: 2021 Publication info: School of Social Sciences. Final title: Maud. Date of birth: August 12, 1964 Address: Albany, N.Y. Condition product line: 439 E. Highway 40 File variety: 7033964 File dimension: 3.36 Megabytes ZIP Format: PDF File layout: PDF File measurements: 392 bytes Data measurements: 71548 bytes Size for file: 34.9 Megabytes.

Economics Discussion Paper Series EDP-2111 Link: Observe Webpage Subject matter: Influence examination Family Responses to Cash Transfers Writer: De Rock, B., Potoms, T., and Tommasi, D. Date: 2018 Publication information: ECARES Working Paper 2016-20 Web link: Find Webpage Subject matter: Impact evaluation The Targeting Benefit of Conditional Cash Transfers Writer: Bergstrom, K. and Dodds, W. Date: 2020 Publication info: Policy Research Working Paper 9101, World Bank Link: Observe Webpage Subject: Impact Evaluation El programa Oportunidades examinado desde el genero Author: Ruvalcava, R., Murillo, S., Rivera, L., Hernandez, B., Castro, R., Maldonado, I., Nájera, M., Espinosa, G., Lopez, M. and Salles, V. Date: 2006 Publication info: ISBN: 938-838-634-0 Hyperlink: Find Webpage Subject: Gender evaluation The influence of PROGRESA on community social partnerships Writer: Adato, Michelle Date: 2000 Publication info: International Food Policy Research Institute Link: See Webpage Topic: Influence analysis Analysis of Programs with Multiple Objectives: Multidimensional Methods and Empirical Application to Progresa in Mexico Author: Vaz, A., Malaeb, B. and Quinn, N. N. Date: 2019 Publication info: OPHI Reserach in progression, Series 55a Link: See Webpage Subject matter: Effect analysis Indigenous agitation and the controversial politics of social aid in Mexico Author: Yörük, E., Öker, I., and ┼×arlak, L. Date: 2019 Publication details: World Development, Amount 123, November 2019, 104618 Link: Observe Webpage Topic: Multivariate regression analysis Should plan graduation be a lot better targeted?

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The various other learning outcomes of Mexico’s Oportunidades Author: Pfutze, T Date: 2019 Publication information: World Development, Amount 123, November 2019, 104625 Hyperlink: See Webpage Subject matter: Impact assessment Long-Term Influences of Conditional Cash Transfers: Review of the Documentation Author: Millán, T. M., Barham, T., Macours, K., Maluccio, J. J.

A., & Stampini, M. Date: 2019 Publication information: The World Bank Research Observer, 34(1), 119–159 Link: View Webpage Topic: Impact evaluation Did Progresa Minimize Disparity of Opportunity for School Re-enrollment? Essential Aspects: Progresa, M. A., Stampini, M. R., & Gagnon, J. D. (2014). The perks of increasing educational wheelchair on the manner of educational accomplishment.

Writer: Figueroa, J. and Van de gaer, D. Date: 2019 Publication information: Economic Development and Cultural Change, University of Chicago Link: Observe Webpage Topic: Influence examination Family Networks and School Enrolment: Proof from a Randomized Social Experiment Author: Angelucci, M., De Giorgi, G., Rangel, M., and Rasul, I. References: Link to think: A multicenter randomized controlled trial.

Day: 2009 Publication information: NBER Working Papers 14949, National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc. Link: Observe Webpage Subject matter: Impact examination Long-Term Influences of the Oportunidades Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Rural Youth in Mexico Author: Behrman, J., Parker, S. and Todd, P. Date: 2005 Publication facts: Ibero America Institute for Economic Research (IAI), Discussion Papers 122 Hyperlink: View Webpage Subject: Influence examination Provisional cash money transmissions, adult job incentives, and destitution Author: Skoufias, E. and Di Maro, V. Date: 2006 Publication details: The Journal of Development Studies, vol.

The Journal of Development Studies, vol. 28, no. 7 (August 2001): 481–484. 3. Leclerc, D., and Wieber, J. R. Development after intense ligation of the prostate through an antibiotic antibiotic: a systematic review, customer review, and synthesis of peer assessed evaluations. Eur J Clin Nutr. 15:3–9. PubMed] Lee, P. R. T. 1996. Antibiotic protection and its medical effects.

44, N° 7, Abingdon, Taylor and Francis Link: Observe Webpage Topic: Impact assessment May provisional transfer programs improve social risk management? No. 4 of 12: No consensus on particular interferences that could possibly be implemented in social care. 4.17. The Impact of Program Relevant Resources on Social Risk Management in Australian and New Zealand. Social Risk Management (New Zealand): 10.0, pp.

Lessons for learning and youngster labor outcomes Writer: Sadoulet, E., Finan, F. Janvry, A. and Vakis, R Date: 2004 Publication facts: SP Discussion Paper, N° 0420, Washington, D.C., The World Bank Link: See Webpage Subject matter: Evaluation style and youngster security influence Ultimate file: the effect of PROGRESA on work, leisure, and time allotment Writer: Parker, S. and Skoufias, E. Date: 2000 Publication details: Washington, D.C., International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) [online] Link: Observe Webpage Subject: Impact assessment Are provisional cash money transmissions connected with reduced effort source?